Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bath Day

Two dogs had a bath today, but after that I didn't have the energy or the towels to finish the job. Benny, therefore, got away without suffering the fate of Patrick and Lytton. Both boys were quite well-behaved, but Lytton was on the edge of losing his temper by the time I finished. He snapped at me twice, and I felt that I had been duly warned. I escaped the ordeal unscathed and so did he.

Otherwise I have spent a lazy day wandering from one banal activity to the next. It is the time of year when unexpected good weather drives you to think you should be outside making use of the last warm days and yet you can't think of what use to make of them. In this frame of mind I kept looking outside for inspiration. Then, finding none, I flitted quiltily from one indoor activity to another. I got nothing accomplished except bathing the dogs, though I have a sense of
having readied the "garden" for the winter simply because I managed to plant the eight tulip bulbs David gave me before he went to Florida. I did that job in the pouring rain a few days ago, having procrastinated so long that I thought that even that would prove to be more than I could manage to do for Spring. I was right to assume that the rain had softened the ground. It was easy to dig compared with earlier when I planted my few flowers. All I had to do was make a hole about a foot square and five inches deep. I had been agonizing over this for weeks, thinking that it was such a job I would never do it. You can imagine my pride when I actually got the shovel and put myself to the task. It took me all of ten minutes, and the grand finale was my losing my balance and falling face first into the mud. Nevertheless, I ought to be rewarded by the sight of some beautiful white tulips next May. They are one of my favorite flowers.

I don't know how I got to be so lazy.

Oh, yes.........and I bought a piano. Posted by Picasa

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