Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Final Product

Here is Joanne's portrait after I put the finishing touches on it. I am quite satisfied now and feel that I've done my best. Now somehow we must arrange to meet and exchange painting for glass. One would think that this would be easier than it is, but a feud between Joanne and Elizabeth is causing trouble. Not only will Elizabeth not allow Joanne to stay with her as she used to when she visited Eastport, but she considers anyone who does allow Joanne to visit a traitor. Therefore Joanne and Elizabeth's mutual friend Dominic, who has been putting Joanne up since the rift, has now refused to do it anymore because Elizabeth puts up such a fuss.

Amidst all of this childish behavior, Joanne and I need to accomplish our business. I am certainly not going to allow Elizabeth to dictate how I treat Joanne, yet the situation is a little sticky. How it works itself out remains to be seen. Posted by Picasa

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