Monday, November 27, 2006

Glass Panels

These are the panels Joanne made in exchange for the portrait I did of her. She brought them over the week-end while Jesse and Sabrina were here and Jesse helped me install them. They are really beautiful.

I wish I could say that she liked her portrait as much as I liked the windows. However, she was quite chagrined and made no effort to hide her feelings. Eventually she admitted that the work was good, but that she couldn't stand the look of "That old lady." It bothered me to have her so disappointed, even though I knew the portrait was good. She obviously has a self image quite different from the way others see her. At least I think her opinion of herself remained in tact and she was able to keep the blame where she needed it to be.....on my lack of observational skills. By the next morning she was able to agree that it was a beautiful work, even if I hadn't gotten a very good likeness, and she was glad to have it.

I need to do somwthing with the tops of my windows. They look fine without any treatment during the day, but at night they are like big black holes. My current thought is some bmboo shades.

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