Monday, November 27, 2006


My picture of Sabrina and Jesse together failed to materialize because the battery in my camera went dead. I very much enjoyed their visit, which was a little longer than they are usually able to stay. Because of that, it felt like a real family gathering and we had a chance to spend leisurely time together that has been so rare over the years.

They arrived late on Thanksgiving day and stayed through Monday morning. On Friday we cooked deserts and then turkey, etc on Saturday. We had a very nice traditional dinner with all the trimmings. Yesterday Jesse had to write a paper for school, so Sabrina and I went shopping in Calais. We had a great time and I bought a new toaster oven to replace the one that gave up the ghost last week, as well as a few other things.

This morning we had a one-sided Christmas, with me being the recipient and them being the gift-givers. I wasn't financially able to give gifts this early and will have to send them later. I enjoyed my role to the utmost, however, receiving all kinds of wonderful things for my pantry, my bath, and other odds and ends that I never think to get for myself. Because of them I feel like a rich person all year. I also got a beautiful bowl, which I placed on the coffee table and will photograph after the batteries charge. I won't try to describe it, but it is simply gorgeous and perfectly suited to my taste and love of horses. The dogs were thrilled with new toys and home-made treats that Sabrina made out of baby food and wheat germ. Lytton has not forgotten where they are and sits looking at the cupboard where they are hidden.

I hated to see Jesse and Sabrina go, so quickly had I become accustomed to their presence in the house, the sound of them moving around, their laughter, their company. They are very companionable. I am a lucky mother. Posted by Picasa

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