Monday, June 11, 2007

Another Work

I painted this small painting yesterday from a photo Jesse took when I lived on Middle St. (My house is on the left.) I had an idea that I might paint Eastport streets for my next series, though I must say I'm not crazy about this one. I think I will still make the effort, though. It seems like a good idea as far as sales are concerned, and I do love the town. I need to walk around and take pictures.

I drove to Bangor again today, basically to have a test at the Medical Mall to see if I have carpal tunnel syndrome. This was precipitated by the fact that my hands get numb when I play the recorder. The doctor told me that I do have it, as well as pinched nerves in both elbows. "Don't lean on them," she said. Since I wasn't aware that I leaned on my elbows, I may have trouble following those directions. Anyway, as with most procedures like this that I have had, the result is that the condition does, in fact, exist, but there isn't much to be done about it. I enjoyed the company of the doctor, a pretty woman from India, if not the repeated needles and electric shocks.

Afterwards I went to see Alice, now at the rehabilitation center. She was better, or perhaps it was just that I knew what to expect when I saw her. I stayed about an hour, during which time she talked about the injustice done to her by the clinic where she worked. With the indignation and paranoia of the truly powerless, she is obsessed with revenge. I believe she needs a tangible focus for her rage about what has happened to her. There are concrete reasons for her to be angry, though, and she means to expose her employers for the unfeeling, uncaring, manipulative people they seem to have been. My part in this is to be sympathetic and do what I can to help. I put her in touch with the lawyer who helped me when I was sued by my mother. It will make her feel that something is being done, and it is up to the lawyer to tell her whether she really has a case or not.

I am glad to be able to support her now, though I can never repay what she has done for me.
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