Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gallery Opening

After several days of hard preparation, the gallery finally opened for the season. I have been working steadily for several days to get ready for the gala event. Of course I am not the only one, and the efforts of all the members came together in a pretty much flawless occasion attended by many of the townspeople. Our usual patrons were there, as well as a lot of new faces. The painting I posted of my old neighborhood sold, making it posssible for me to pay my dues. I was tired and somewhat irritable, but managed to enjoy myself just the same. Others picked up the mess while I chatted with a woman I dislike, and the thing was over by 8:30, as are all respectable events in Eastport.

The next hurdle is the opening of the show in Machias, which is next Friday. After that, it is hard to imagine how life will continue. When so much of life is focused on a few long-anticipated events, it seems that the world will end once they take place. All anticipation stops at that one point. The future is empty. I can be born again.
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