Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lytton's Transformation and the Invisible Contact Lens

For the last few days I have been preoccupied by difficult situations. One of them was taking Lytton to Bangor for surgery. His bladder stones returned and he was in a lot of pain. So was I when I got the $1400. bill. Of course I would have paid anything to have my baby restored to health, but this was a big blow to my already over-extended pocketbook. Luckily the vet has a time payment plan.

After the surgery and while Lytton was still unconscious he was given a "shave down." Certainly his coat was a mess, so he looks a lot better, if a little unfamiliar. He is recovering well, playing and running around like his old self. I had to drive to Bangor two days in a row, which would not have been so difficult had I not lost my contact lens a few days before. I was wearing a temporary soft lens given to me by the new eye doctor. Each morning since I got the thing I have had to spend at least a half hour trying to get it into my eye. Soft lenses are invisible with my eyesight, and I had a terrible time even seeing it on my finger, let alone getting it to stick on my eye. It is similar to a minuscule dot of plastic wrap that easily adheres to fingers, eyelids, cheeks, clothing and itself, but finds the eye repellent. With it, my vision was excellent to about twenty feet away, but after that everything became increasingly blurry. As I sped down the road I could see only hulking shapes that I had to assume were other cars.

And speaking of contact lenses, I lost the soft lens yesterday as I tried to put it into my eye. I have lost my glasses as well (possibly leaving them at the doctor's office). At that point I remembered an old hard one I had saved from years ago. I went upstairs and found it in the medicine cabinet, brought it downstairs, and promptly dropped it on the floor. I was frustrated to the point of tears. Somewhere on the kitchen floor the two lenses blended into the background, undetected by my pathetic blind eyes. I was on the phone searching for someone to take me to Calais to get a new one when I spotted the hard lens in Lytton's dog dish, which was at my feet. I retrieved it, inserted it, and my vision was restored.
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