Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Lytton is doing well after his surgery. I packed him in his sweater, as befitting an invalid, and he managed to keep it on for a short while. He began to play the second day he was home, and has pretty much returned to normal. He looked so cute with his haircut that I got out my old clippers and tried to do the same thing for Benny and Patrick. There's no doubt that a professional cut would have been better, but they don't look bad.

I realized while Lytton was at the vet's that no matter how I love Patrick (and Benny in a different way way), I don't have the same feeling for them that I have for Lytton. When he was gone, I missed him in some very profound way. It's difficult to explain, but he is much more my companion than the other two. Patrick is a baby, an adorable little creature to take care of and love as a mother loves a child. I feel affection for Benny and am dedicated to giving him a good life with the happiness deserves. Lytton is something else. There is a "we"-ness to our relationship that puts us on some sort of strange equal level. He's a dog, I'm a human, but there is a sense of communication between us that has me never doubting the possibility of inter-species love and understanding.
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