Sunday, December 22, 2013

A New Developement

 This is the snowstorm that came and went and came again.......this time creating first slush and then ice.  There is still plenty of snow, but the precipitation is now more like rain.  Evidently, though, overnight it was cold enough to freeze as soon as it hit anything solid.  Consequently, the bird feeder that only yesterday was covered with chickadees is now wearing a coat of icicles.

Walking under these conditions makes me realize how old I am getting.  I creep along taking tiny steps, even with my crampons on my boots.  I fear slipping and falling, at the very least letting go of the dogs and at the worst breaking a bone that osteoporosis has most certainly ravaged.  Only lately have I been able to see this as a reality instead of a joke.  I am not "like an old person."  I AM an old person.  Once I am comfortable with this fact I will feel better about it.  One spends one's whole life dreading old age, so it is a little hard to accept it.  I need to embrace this time of life or I will waste my last years, however many there may be, wishing I were different.

I have just lately started to see the reality of how long I have been alive.  I'm not unhappy about it, but haven't really changed my self image yet.  I will.
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