Wednesday, December 18, 2013



I didn't get a picture of the first snow, which was a few days ago.  This is our second storm, a formidable one.  I wasn't able to get the dogs out beyond a small spot in front of the door, which I shovelled out in order to find my newspaper. I thought my search would be fruitless, but I did find it.  The snow is very light and dry, so it was an easy job. 

The drift patterns are not as dramatic as some storms have been, but the snow is deep everywhere.  Willy was shocked when he saw it, but bravely jumped through the door anyway.  He disappeared up to his shoulders.  Because the snow is so light, he was then able to jump through it and plow his way to the street.  I wanted to get a picture of him, but by the time I got the camera he had decided enough was enough.  Patrick and Benny both had to be physically dragged through the door, where they stayed only long enough to do their duty before charging back inside.

So winter is here in time for Christmas.  Despite global warming, nature has come across with the goods.
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