Friday, December 06, 2013

Trompe L'oueil

This picture is a little dark, but is a better representation than others I tried with the light on.  Anyway, I am just thrilled with this..........I collaged an old lace tablecloth on to the top of the dining room table using Modpodge, then coated it with polyurethane.  When it was dry, I painted the fruit with acrylic paint.  When that dries completely, I'll put another layer or two of polyurethane on the whole thing to seal it.  It's amazing how real it looks.  I got the idea from a book about painting furniture, though what is done there is more folk art.

For a little while at least, this may prevent me from littering the table, as is my habit.  I love to look at it.
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Katherine said...

What a great idea!