Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day After Christmas

 It has been snowing for several days, along with an ice storm that has paralyzed most of New England and much of eastern Canada.  Lots of people had no electricity, which means no heat, and spent the holiday in shelters.  Many are still there.Here in Eastport, though, we were lucky.  Our Christmas took place as planned, despite the fact that David's daughter Martha traveled by plane from New York during the terrible weather.  He and  Thom drove to Bangor to pick her up during the storm, but arrived home safely.  We had our traditional holiday in comfort and good cheer.

I had Christmas eve dinner with Pierre and Kendal, their daughter and son-in-law, and a neighbor.  I feel so lucky to have friends to spend the holidays with.  I also spoke on the phone with my aunt Jeanne-Marie, and cousins Michelle and Beth.  Carrie and I talked, and I got a card from Jesse and Sabrina.  Gifts arrived by mail from all, including my old friend Don in New Mexico.  It's hard to believe we are still in touch after fifty years.  We had a High School romance that turned into a lasting friendship........imagine.
 So goes another holiday, each the same in many ways, but also new and fresh.  Today it is snowing again, and my boy Willy pulled away from me three different times on our walk.  He and Patrick both love the snow, but Willy's enthusiasm knows no bounds.  If not for the fact that his leash got tangled in trees, I never would have found him. The last time Patrick and I followed his footprints and caught him under Greg Biss' deck.  I took these pictures after we got home, the back doorway, and then the front of the house with my Christmas wreath lighting the snow. 
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