Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Old Days

Oganizing some of the piles of "stuff" I have lying around from cleaning up the dining room I came across some snapshots of me riding.  This must have been in the 80's. I got my first horse, BJ, in 1980.  I remember thinking it was the happiest day of my life.  I had always wanted a horse with a passion not experienced before or since.  At the same time Jesse was liberated from the body cast he had worn for two years.  My marriage was still relatively happy.  Life was good.  This utopia was extremely short lived because my father died a few months later.  Despite everything that naturally followed that shocking event, I had my horse and I was thrilled about it.  What wonderful days I spent at Trapho Farms.

I have always regretted selling BJ, my most beautiful boy.  He was a wonderful guy, spirited and feisty.  That proved to be his downfall, because his behavior was not tolerated by the owner of the stable.  He was always escaping, and he mauled one of the baby goats there.  He had a habit of charging as well, and no one but me was safe in the pasture.  A four years I was told he had to leave, and I foolishly thought I would rather stay connected to that stable than move to another.  I sold him to a nice girl and I'm sure he had a good life, but for years I cried every time I went by Trahfo farms.  I tried to replace him with a series of other horses, but there was never another one I loved like I loved him.  To this day I remember the last time I saw him, looking out of the trsiler window as his new owner drove away.

It's making me cry to think of it.
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