Saturday, December 14, 2013

This Morning

Record cold for this winter this morning, and the sea smoke certainly emphasized the point.  The picture doesn't do it justice, and it is way too cold for me to get my Nikon and mess with it to capture the sight.  (I've never really taken the time to learn to use it.)  As it was, Willy was enjoying the weather so much I could barely hold on to him as I snapped pictures.  He ran in circles just as fast as he could go, yanking my arm when he had extended the leash as far as it would go.  A man in a truck was driving down the hill and he rolled down his window to say "Good thing someone is enjoying this."

Last night I tried to photograph the sky as it was then, too, but the pictures just didn't capture the sight.  There was a giant bank of clouds just over the horizon as the sun went down.  The lights from the houses on Campobello were visible under the clouds, making a very eerie sight.  Nature seems to never repeat itself......certainly not in the lifetime of one person.  You have to watch the ocean closely or you will miss something that will never happen again.
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Bits Of Me said...

Great - It was a glorious morning, wasn't it?