Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Beginning

I received canvases from David so that I could start another big painting for the Machias show. This is the first six of 24 canvases that will fit together to make an 8' picture. Demeter changed into a mare at one point while she was looking for Persephone, and hid herself in a herd of horses. The subject was perfect for me, since I do love to paint horses.

I took this picture standing above it, having laid it out on the floor. One canvas caught the light differently and looks off in the photo, but it actually isn't. So far I am having a good time with this. I think it is going to be the best one I do.

One thing is for sure.........I won't do another one on canvas boards. The quality is so different that I wish I had used stretched canvas for Demeter and the baby. Well, I didn't.
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Rabea said...

I thought you haven't been painting because you haven't posted anything for a while. But now I understand..These are great, and I bet they take time..I want to do oils and acrylics, but I am always scared to start!! Also, doing watercolors, I can finish a painting in 2 hours, but in oils it will probably take me three days..I guess I am scared to start and not finish..I have done that before and threw away some expensive canvases!!

Any ways, thanks for your continuous encouragement!! Keep in touch, and good luck for your show.