Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Horse of Another Color

I managed top get this picture of the next step of the horse painting. The quality isn't very good, but the idea is there. I'm now half done. I've introduced a horse that isn't a palomino and will make different colors from now on. If the palominos look funny all lined up, I can always change their color at the end. Doing them the way I did served its purpose, since it made me dive into the red paint and use it for the space around the horses. I hadn't planned for that. Somehow I forgot about the way I always turn everything red, having planned to make a realistic kind of background..........a field and sky. Thank heaven my unconscious mind isn't as banal as my conscious one.
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LiberryAir said...

So that would make them a horse of a different color?
(Sorry - it was irresistable!)

The painting is beautiful!

emmac5 said...

I LOVE these horses.