Saturday, March 03, 2007

What I Have to Show for Myself

I've felt as if I had nothing to say because my thoughts have been consumed by worrying about Alice. However, I have not been idle by any means, so here are pictures of what I've been doing. The top picture is my enlargement of the charcoal drawing of Demeter. I didn't have room enough to put the whole thing on the wall. There will be three or four more rows of fire, and the whole painting will be eight or nine feet tall. Each canvas is 12x12. It is quite an interesting process to paint each square seperately and then assemble them.

The second picture is the finished product after I changed the sky on the Epping Road painting for the Machias show. I like it much better. I am working on a summer version of the same scene now.

The third painting is a Fall Epping Road picture that I did on Art Day. I've worked on it some more, and still have more to do. Since neither of my Machias works are portable, I decided to do a small pastel at Sydney's. The Fall season is not as well-represented in the series as Summer and Winter . I have to say it was much less inspiring to work out of season............more like doing a duty. The work showed my lack of respect, too, at first. I have had to work much harder to pull it together than the others, which came so naturally.

I have done many things I could have written about in the days since I've not posted here, but my brain is unable to focus on anything once it has passed. I am waiting.

Last night, though, I went over to Will and Lisa's for dinner and we watched a movie. After a delicious meal of chili, corn bread, and wine, I sat on their large couch with my feet up under me. I lounged on many pillows and shared a lap blanket with Lisa, who was comfortingly near me. Children came and went during the evening. There was a blizzard outside, adding to the cozy atmosphere.

When the movie was over, Will drove Meg and me home through the empty, icy streets. For a few hours I felt as if I were living in a perfect world where everything was wonderful and we all lived happily ever after.

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