Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Horses and Lunch at the Waco

I spent the afternoon repainting the gray horse I did yesterday and adding the next two. When I finished the three panels first, I didn't like the gray horses and decided to redo them as chestnuts, or palomino, or some reddish-brown color that would go well with the background. Somehow the introduction of the other color didn't work for me. I can't photograph the whole painting any more, so this is just the last two rows. I thought I would get more done today, but redoing what I did yesterday set me back.

Earlier I had to go to a luncheon at the newly reopened Waco Diner. It was for people who have businesses downtown who might be interested in advertising in the magazine "Bangor Metro." I was asked to go by Jet Peterson, and felt I had to do it to represent the gallery. The presentation was interesting and we were treated to a nice lunch, but the cost of the spread envisioned by the salesman is much to expensive for the gallery. Nevertheless, I enjoyed playing my role of gallery president. How fine to be a "big fish in a little pond" once in awhile. It doesn't matter how small the pond is, or how unimpressive the other fish. The door to the Waco became the border between us and them for a short while, the seperation between those of us worthy of a free lunch and those who weren't. Such pleasures are worthy of note.
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