Saturday, March 24, 2007

Horses, dogs and chickens

I worked more today on the horses. The first picture shows the new addition and the second shows it in context. I tried to photograph the whole thing by standing on the coffee table and holding the camera as high over my head as possible, but I still couldn't get it all.

Once I had done the three new canvases, I went back and made a few changes on the first horses I did. Then I added a few background horses. I plan to do more of this because I want it to look like a big herd. My first priority , though, is to get the entire thing finished. Putting on finishing touches can take as long or as short a time as I want, but I will feel relieved when I have all my paintings for the show in some form of completion. The rest will be frosting on the cake.

I spent the morning with Toni. She came over with the intention of playing the recorder, but we ended up just visiting. The dogs were causing a rather distracting rucus and we opted to forego the music. Her dog Toby is very playful, and my dogs don't really like to rough-house the way he does. Benny sometimes enjoys a little wrestling, but Patrick and Lytton are real killjoys. It is quite entertaining to watch them interact, but Toby gets frustrated eventually and ends up barking. Patrick responds in kind, though with a hysterical high-pitched note. It can get deafening, and then everyone has to go outside.

The weather has been getting warmer and I let the chickens outside all day yesterday and today. They were very happy to get into the fresh air, and I don't blame them. Their house doesn't smell very pleasant after being closed up all winter. I got new wood shavings yesterday and plan to make everything nice and clean for them within the next week or so. It depends on how the weather holds. When I turned to look at the chickens from the deck after I had let them out yesterday, I was filled with pleasure. All the times I struggled through the ice and snow to feed and water them was worth this one experience. I just love to see them there.

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