Sunday, March 18, 2007


Here's the sweater I just finished knitting. It is really a beauty--very heavy and warm. I did it white despite the fact that I'm sure to get stains on it. Somehow I didn't want to compromise on what I wanted, no matter how impractical. It has taken me about three weeks to knit it, working while I watch TV at night. The dogs will be happy now that it's done because they have had a hard time being beside me or on my lap, as is their custom. I didn't discourage them per se, but they hated the needles rubbing against them or a strand of yarn being pulled under their bodies. After making several attempts to get comfortable, they usually abandoned me and settled down on the other couch or on the floor. Every time I put the knitting down for a minute they all charged from their places and pounced on me, licking my face and jockeying for position. No matter how many times this happened per evening, hope sprang eternal. This commotion took place several times every evening, ending with them returning to their inferior places to wait for another opportunity.

Now they will be happy boys, and I will be a happy Mama. I love them cuddling against me.
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marthawl said...

Emma, That sweater is Gorgeous!
I hope that you are wearing it now that it's so frosty!