Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Crashing the Party

Not feeling quite ready to settle in for the evening, I went over to David's hoping for company and a drink. I am not supposed to want a drink, says Alice (my therapist). Alcohol is supposed to be incompatible with my medication, she says, and my inability to refuse it is "problematic." I ignore her opinion on this subject since I am not unable, but unwilling to give up this indulgence.

It turned out that David and Thom had invited Judy for dinner. The table was elegantly set, and delicious smells eminated from the kitchen. I did not feel unwelcome, but thought I would stay for a short time and then go home, leaving the three of them to visit as they had intended. Instead, I joined them for the meal; coq au vin, asparagus, little potatoes, salad of tomatoes and fresh mozzerella, and pineapple upside down cake. Eating there is always like going to a fine restaurant, complete with table linens, silverware, and candles. Glasses of wine, good coffee with cointreau, cream from a silver's all there, making us feel like this world is a special place, that the day is a special day, and that we are lucky, special people. Our conversation ran the gamut, from religion, theoretical physics, mysticism, and medicine, to teen-age crushes and recipes. We smiled at one another over the fresh peonies in the center of the table and knew that we were blessed.


emmacfive said...

Hi, I too created a blog account so I could comment here. Maybe someday I'll join the club and write in it. Your comments are so interesting and it makes a person think about their own values and consider the alternatives.

brina said...

hi! :)