Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What Went On Today

1. A trip to the bank to fill out papers for my mortgage loan. What's the possibility I won't get the loan even though I was pre-approved, I ask? As long as we fulfill the requirements they ask for, all will be fine, says Ann. Will the requirements be fulfilled? I wonder. Did my guess about my income come close enough? What about the discrepency between my income tax form and my stated income? How do they feel about unreported income? I chew my nails.

2. Hung the new show at the gallery and re-arranged the rest of the paintings. Risked life and limb to put Diana's and Elizabeth's painting up near the ceiling, climbing to the very top of a very tall ladder. I leaned against the wall for balance while I tied and retied the knots in the fishline to get them the right height. My vertigo kicked in several times when I looked up, but my biggest fear was throwing my precarious center of gravity forward and go over head first. This did not happen, and June and I got the job done, albeit clumsiliy. We entertained ourselves with chatter about the complaints and disapproval we were bound to endure for our trouble. No one ever likes what we do with their work, no matter how hard we try to be fair and make a good-looking show.

3. Went to book group at the library to discuss "Zen and the Art of Falling in Love." This was chosen by our youngest member, a woman who looks to be around mid-twenties. She tends to use the book discussions to ruminate on her personal life, which is twenty-something intense. I found the book to be an attempt to make a flimsy connection between meditation and finding a suitable mate. I sat out a lot of the discussion because I was too tired to explain my objections fully. I knew I would have to fight for the time to present my case and didn't feel up to it. Most of it irked me for its shallowness and incredible presumptions. "we are meant to be in love"..............."if we are not in love, something is wrong." Good grief! You can tell that someone who would choose the last name Shoshanna wrote it.....sort of like Shakti Gawain. I'm sure they have pale complexions.

4. Had dinner with David, Thom, and Shirley. Wonderful food(pork chops, sweet potatoes, peas and onions in white sauce, tomato and mozerella salad, and wine). Normally I have no affinity for vegetables, remembering the plain frozen corn and peas from my childhood. They always sat shriveled alongside the bread, onoin, and hamgurger patties and boiled potatoes that made up our nightly meals. Thom's vegetables are lovingly cared for, dressed up. and made into delicious treats. I had seconds, even though I woke up this morning promising myself I would go back on a diet.

5. Went after a problem with my mail program on the new computer that had caused me a lot of frustration earlier in the evening. David gave me some information that led to my being able to fix it finally. This computer is quite paranoid and keeps popping up alerts and exclamation points that demand attention, as if the information contained in it were so valuable that I must be ever vigilent to maintain its security. Luckily clicking a small arrow labelled "fix it" always seems to be able to save the day in very short order.

6. And now to bed, once I pull off the mattress pad and foam that Patrick chewed into fluffy white balls after I took the sheets off to be washed. When I spoke to him about it, he looked up with cotton clinging to his face, surprised and puzzled. Clean sheets will be nice, even if they have to be directly on top of the mattress.

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