Sunday, July 10, 2005

Some Thoughts on Profanity and Bread

Before I opened my own blog to write, I looked around at a few others to see what people say. I found some pretty interesting ones, along with several containing a lot of swearing. I suppose this is a place where vulgar language can be used with unaccustomed abandon, being outside the usual constraints of society. Without the shock value that accompanies such language when it is spoken, written profanity must reflect a genuine inability to come up with more specific words rather than a desire to cause a reaction. I suppose the writers may enjoy thinking about the reaction of their readers, enjoy seeing themselves as offending the sensibilities of others. Still, you'd think that one's vocabulary must atrophe after awhile, if in fact it was ever more precise and interesting. Since I believe that we think using the words we commonly use, the constant use of profanity over a long period of time would consequently shrink one's ability to think to fit inside the parameters of that language. Well, it's a hypothesis, anyway. I can and do swear, but if I really want to express something other than anger, I have to be more specific. Shit, Fuck, Piss, and whatever else George Carlin used to say were the five forbidden words in television, are much too general to describe a complicated idea. But then, farting into a tupperware container, which was what one blogger found worthy of posting, isn't particularly complicated . And I guess it is worthy of posting, since it's an amusing thing to do if you're into bathroom humor........and lots of people are. I tend to be a snob in a lot of areas, and bathroom humor is one of them.

Well, I have given enough thought to that subject. I spent some time today with Sydney, who is happy and grateful that Richard is not only alive, but coming home this week. He is recovering from triple by-pass surgery and apparently doing very well. We roamed through my new house and then had punch in the tea house while we discussed it's suitability. Yesterday David, Thom, and I toured the place. Thom took pictures to record its appearance before I turn it into my home. They will be fun to look back on. Everyone is being very supportive of my decision to buy it, for which I am grateful. I find it hard to stick to my convictions if there is much opposition from those around me.

I made zuccini bread in my new bread machine, but haven't tasted it yet. The white bread was delicious. I never thought there could be a way to make good bread without kneading it yourself, but all hail the 21st century.

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