Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Music Show

Cancelled my appointment with Toni today. We had planned to play the recorder together again, but I felt pressured by what seemed to be too many committments. I knew that I had to go to Calais to rent a wallpaper steamer, and make something to eat for the reception at the gallery tonight. I planned to spend some time working at the house, but it didn't happen since I couldn't figure out how to assemble the parts of the steamer. Even if I had, there was no water over there. I went to find Will and Lisa at the store, told them my tale, and plan to work tomorrow after Will brings water and gets the machine working.

David came over this morning to get the ladder he had leant me when I fixed the chicken house. We visited awhile, then went our separate ways. David went with me to let out the chickens, watching them clucking after me as I fed them their treat of lemon cookies. He is amused by them, and by me with them. I enjoy his interest.

Tonight we had the opening of the Music Show at the gallery. I contributed deviled eggs made from my fresh eggs, plumping out the platter with olives since I only had six eggs. People brought wonderful food, as always, and the reception was a success. I don't think any paintings were sold, but the feeling of good will generated at these gatherings is the reason for having them. I walked around in clean clothes and a hat, feeling like a person who was exactly where she belonged. I was acquainted with everybody there, and, surrounded by those who make up my life, was glad that I had found a group of kindred spirits with whom to share the rest of my time on earth.

How was I so fortunate to have found Eastport, an island at the very edge of the United States, a tiny dot within a tiny dot in the universe? It's not as if I can look back and pretend that the events of the past conspired to put me here. It was a relatively recent discovery, this place, stumbled upon by accident. It was a choice, perhaps the first free choice I ever made, to move here. Looking around tonight, I had to marvel at what a good choice it was. I could have so easily missed it all.

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Katherine said...

I have found your blog. I am reading it from the beginning. I'm enjoying it very much.