Saturday, July 23, 2005

Starting the Transition

As I woke up this morning, free of any obligations, I began to picture myself in my new house. Every move I made to feed the dogs, let them out, start the coffee, I saw a blurry vision of doing the same activities in the kitchen I will soon be living in. It was a beautiful, cool morning full of sunshine, establishing a very pleasant environment in which to imagine my coming life. I wandered around in my dark living room here and envisioned the new one full of light. I could see the dogs running out onto the new deck, and perhaps down the steps into a soon to be fenced off dog yard. It all looked very much like my house should look, and I'm happy that I am finally beginning to look forward to being there.

Dinner with Judy and Karen last night revealed a certain disatisfaction with the worshop amongst the students, at least the old ones who have been coming for so many years. I told them that I was probably not going to do another one, and they were not disapointed. I felt a little let down by their willingness to give it up, but I suppose it would have been much worse if they had begged me to continue. I probably would have given in and all of us would have eventually been sorry. It seems like the end of a very important era in my life, but I give it up gladly. I still have to teach the elderhostel workshop in September, but after that I will retire, so to speak.

I got a new camera today so that I could put pictures on this new computer. I've spent the afternoon charging the battery and learning enough about it to be able to use it. Now I'm going to try to load them. David gave me enough information before I went to get it so that i'm hoping I made a good choice. Time will tell.

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brina said...

Happy new camera! Which one did you get? It's too bad that students/friends would feel that way about the workshop. Annual retreat-type gatherings like that are difficult - I think everyone involved ends up looking forward to "the best one yet!" or wondering when it's time to end it.