Friday, July 29, 2005

Yesterday's Pictures

These are some of the pictures I took yesterday at Schoodic. The ones I took of the surf, which I thought would be so wonderful, came out blurry and I deleted them. I realized afterward that I should have pressed the button differently for the zoom lense, giving it time to focus. I forgot the directions in my exhuberance.

These last two were taken in Corea, another town nearby where Thelma and I have painted many times.

Today was a relatively unproductive day, though I called Toni and she came over to resume our recorder playing. We had taken the month of July off since we both had other things to do that interrupted our usual schedule of three or four times a week. It was good to get back at it and we don't seem to have lost much of the progress we had made. I had to use my plastic recorder since I had left the wood one at Judy's in the still life I set up for the workshop. I was amazed at how much easier it was to play, even though the tone isn't as good.

I went over to the house for a few minutes and found myself loving it again, as I did the first time I saw it. Will had removed a lot of the wallpaper and I was able to see it without the personality of its former inhabitants. My furniture began to fall into place and I saw myself sitting in my living room reading, having coffee at my dining room table, and working in my studio. The place for the studio became clear in my mind once I saw where I could put the bird feeders and still see them while I read the paper in the morning. If they are outside the kitchen window, I can see them from the dining room. Then the room off the kitchen can become the studio, where I can put more feeders on the deck to look at while I work there. I felt quite relieved that I was finally seeing it as my home.

Diana called after I got home and asked me to join her and Hessa, who is visiting her, for dinner. I was glad to see Hessa again, actually, after our tumultuous relationship in the past. It felt like our meeting tonight brought everything back to where it was when we had some liking for each other. It has been difficult to think that the two of us would remain enemies for ever. The story of us may be a subject for another time.

When I got home I found that Alice had left a message on my machine. I was sorry to have missed her call, but the knowledge that she remembered to call me was almost as satisfying as talking to her would have been. She gave me a short update of what was going on with her, and hearing her voice made me smile and relax.

Now I feel quite happy.

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