Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another One

It's beginning to get a little harder to find a photograph of Epping Road that I want to paint. Now I want to get more photos in the Fall, when the fields turn red. I'm also looking forward to taking pictures in the winter and painting from them. I'd like to get a series of the place in all seasons done, and then exhibit them all together somewhere. I like each one, but when seen as a group they really make an impact. There's a sense of the place that doesn't come across as well in just one painting.

Today is definitely cooler than summer should be, so there's no denying the approach of Fall. We are having a meeting of the gallery tonight and one of the main topics of discussion will be Paint Eastport Day. If ever anything signaled the end of the season, that is it. Our final event of the year, we throw ourselves into the occasion with all our might with a day of painting, an auction, and a big party. The gallery season is pretty much over after that and we stay open only as long as there are warm bodies from far away places walking the streets. As the last tourist leaves town, so do we lock the door and crawl into our houses for the winter. There was never a place that changed with the seasons any more than Eastport. Posted by Picasa

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