Sunday, August 20, 2006

Below the Surface

The new show at the gallery is called "Below the Surface." I thought I wouldn't do anything for it, but hit apon the idea of copying the skeleton from an anatomy book I have. I had to work hard and the drawing looks it, but still it was fun, and is fun to look at, especially in a frame. I'll put it in the show, even though it is far from my best work.

Tonight there was another gallery opening, which are very common this summer. This one was for Judith Caden, a woman I don't know even though she has been a member for quite some time. I liked her work, which were mostly prints, and she had quite an elegant reception, which was catered. I stayed only briefly because I was anxious to get back to some electrical work I was doing after the ceiling light fell down yesterday. I was unable to replace the light because the wires were so rotten they turned to dust in my fingers. This worries me about the rest of the electrical system in the house. If I remember to be worried long enough to mention it to Will, I will.

There is a program on TV now that I want to watch about the history of man. I don't know why, since it is an old story I have seen so many times. It begins with grunting naked people with bushy long hair and ends with us as we are today. I am tempted to think that our evolution is pretty much complete. We continue to change in minute ways, but I doubt that we will survive the thousands of years it takes to make any dramatic change from what we are now. I think the biology of the human being is trying to keep up with the changes in the environment, but the changes are taking place too rapidly. Sometimes I feel that nature is struggling to even the playing field, but our downfall will be what caused us to survive in the first place--our superior brain. Natural disasters and disease would keep our numbers suited to our environment if we had not grown so clever, if we had not come to prioritize individual life. There is no room for individuals in the survival of a species. Posted by Picasa

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