Friday, August 11, 2006

Apology with Recorder

I forgot to mention that I wrote an apology to the woman I chastised in an email. I have not heard from her, though I contacted her on Wednesday. Apparently she is going to hold a grudge. Meanwhile I have learned that I had more support for my actions than I thought. That makes me feel better, but I do not regret the apology. I feel that I did the right thing.

Speaking of apologies, or at least personal rifts, I called Toni the other day to suggest that we play the recorder together again. I didn't mention our argument and neither did she. I think that was tactful of both of us. She seemed happy to start playing again and we set a date for next week. I am looking forward to taking up music again. I have missed it. Especially now that I have no piano I really want to get back to the recorder--and I have to say that as a solo instrument the soprano recorder is hard to take unless you are a lot better than I am. It does not inspire me to play alone. It makes my ears hurt and ruins my image of myself as a musucian.

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