Sunday, August 27, 2006

Halie and Mathew

Tonight David, Thom, and I went down to the pier and onto the Halie and Mathew for a drink at the bar. The boat is open to the public now and several people were there to enjoy the evening from the deck. We watched the sun light up Campobello Island like a torch as it sank behind the opposite horizon, then headed back toward the sunset for our dinner. In advance celebration of the portrait I am going to paint of Thom's mother, they took me for a lobster roll and presented me with a card and a receipt for a very substantial payment on my fuel account for the coming winter. It was one of those wonderful happenings in life that make you realize how lucky you are. Trite as it sounds, I am blessed, sometimes to the point where I can't imagine how it all came to be. It seems unreal to me that I am here, living this life I have found at the edge of the continent, and that it is so much more than I ever expected. Posted by Picasa

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