Monday, August 28, 2006

Change of Pace and a Rainy Day

I have been waiting to paint this picture ever since I spotted the subject weeks ago and photographed it. I was looking out the living room window and noticed the shadows of the lace on the table and lampshade. I had seen a pastel done by Daniel Greene of a lace table cloth and wanted to try to do something like it.

This photograph looks much more detailed than the actual painting. Reducing the size always makes my paintings look more realistic than the are. This is 16X 20 (because I have frames that size) and even though it looks as if I have rendered the lace very carefully, I really only suggested it. Most of my drawings are like that, though I don't really know why. I love the reduced version and wish I had really accomplished such a feat. I imagined that I would when I started out, but I don't have the temperament for the labor and time it would take. Before I had worked for a half hour I knew I wouldn't follow through with my plan. I do still like it, though.

Toni came over today and we planned to play the recorder. It turned out that we just talked, since Toni has been going through a lot of emotional stress lately. I'm looking forward to getting back to music, so I hope we can get going next time we meet. The day was damp and chilly enough so that I put the window in the kitchen down. Now it will probably stay that way until Spring. I am not one to open and close windows with changes in the weather, but consider it rather a seasonal ritual. Next will come the living room, most likely, and eventually the bedroom. Ah, well. Posted by Picasa

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