Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mid-Season Gallery Reception

Our mid-season reception at the gallery was a big success, as are all our parties. This one seemed to have even more people than usual, probably because the theme show was open to participants who aren't members. I enjoyed the gala as much as I could considering I was feeling out of sorts over an incident earlier in the day. One of our new members resigned because of an email I had sent to her, accusing me of being harsh and unprofessional. The email reprimanded her for ignoring customers and treating people rudely. There had been complaints, and I had witnessed both of these things myself.

In retrospect, I probably should have let it go. Just because I am president doesn't mean I need to supervise the behavior of sitters and censure them. I'm quite sure none of my predecessors would have done such a thing. I think I have often taken small roles of authority too seriously, sometimes overstepping my bounds.

Well, it is too late to do anything about what has already happened, but perhaps I can learn from the experience. My future motto should be "lighten up."

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