Thursday, August 10, 2006

Yet Another Painting and Neighborhood Dogs

I am certainly obsessed with the work I'm song with pastels. Having done the seascape, though, I realize that it isn't just the pastels, but the place. I think I did a competent job on the seascape, but a lot of the joy I experience when I do the blueberry barrens was missing. Yesterday I went back to Epping road and took another fifty pictures. There is just something about the place that is absolutely wondrous to me. I did this painting today at Sydney's, and it came from one of the photos I took yesterday. I hadn't finished it by the end of the afternoon, so I set myself up in the living room at home and worked some more. Being in the living room somehow seems more appropriate in the evening, with the TV going. After I finished it, I actually felt like doing another one, but stopped myself. Enough is enough.

I walked the dogs after they ate their supper, which has become our habit. It makes me feel good to give them that time. They love it so much. When I went out, I heard a dog barking across the street. When I got back, it was still barking. I put my boys in the house and then went to investigate. I found a German Shepherd tied in the yard of the yellow house opposite mine. I went to speak to the dog, hoping the owner would see me and appear. A woman came to the door and I told her I was concerned about the dog. She told me it was her husband's dog and that she would put him in the shed if he continued to bark because he was "driving me crazy." Obviously she did not like the dog, whose name is Max. She said he was "hyper" and out of control.

The conversaton we had was cordial, though I'm sure she got the idea that I did not approve of her treatment of the dog. I told her I was worried and had come to check on the situation. The dog did not bark after I left, so I assume she put him away. I almost asked if the dog ever came into the house, but I decided to let well enough alone. My hope is that she will realize that her care of Max is being noticed and it will inspire her to take some positive action. I also mentioned the black dog that lives behind her and is always left outside. She is friends with the people in that house, so may say something to them.

I suppose I will earn the hatred of my neighbors by butting into their business, but my hope is that my concern will inspire the owners to take better care of their dogs, if only to keep me quiet and away from them. There are three very lonely dogs on this street. I wish I could make life better for them. Animals deserve better than what they have. Posted by Picasa

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