Monday, June 09, 2008

AWOL Chicken

It had to happen.....sooner or later one of the chickens was going to escape. I went in to check on them yesterday afternoon and found only two in the brooder. In disbelief I kept staring, expecting the other one to magically appear. When that didn't happen, I looked down at the floor and saw Lupine(on right) exploring around under the table. So much for the internet instruction to "lay a piece of chicken wire over the top to prevent chicks from flying out." Well, now the chicken wire is tacked in place and so far it has kept them safely inside.
I placed the waterer on top of a mirror I had to raise it off the floor. They were kicking so much sawdust into it that their water was absorbed in no time. You would think I had put a hundred tarantulas in with them. They raced into the corner and hid their heads, peeping loudly. \Eventually, though, Lily broke out of the group and went to investigate. She circled around, stretching her head toward the new object. Gradually she circled nearer, never taking her eyes off the mirror. Finally Lupine joined her and after much more examination they both tentatively took a drop of water, backing away immediately. A few seconds later they approached it again, this time lingering for a long drink. Lilac, watching from the corner, decided it must be safe to approach and went to take a drink herself.
What an amazing thing to get to know how chickens live their little lives. I read on the internet that chickens are as intelligent as a three year old human baby..........smarter that dogs and cats.
We pick up these creatures thoughtlessly by their legs, throw them around like sacks of flour, twirl them around by their heads until their necks break. It makes me sick to think of it. True, this is the law of the jungle we all live in, kill in order to survive. But I so wish that we could be different, and have compassion. I believe we of all animals can understand what we are doing, yet we choose cruelty. Humanity is singularly killing by choice rather than necessity.

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