Thursday, June 05, 2008

Garden and Chicken Updates

The garden is coming along well and has certainly changed the appearance of the house, and I dare say even the neighborhood. There is a lot more than is visible because I have Dahlia bulbs and seedlings that Lisa gave me that don't show up yet. Some of what is blooming now will disappear and be replaced with other kinds of flowers. I am proud of the way I have transformed the look of the yard.

The chickens continue to do well. They are slightly bigger every day and this morning I decided to give them a bigger home. I removed a drawer from the bureau in my studio and made it into a brooder. That still won't be enough room for all six of them when the others arrive. I may have to house them separately. Today in a desperate attempt to get away from me, Lily tried to fly out of the box. She almost made it, too, prompting me to take security measures. I had read that putting a piece of chicken wire over the top of the brooder will prevent escape. I found a small piece left over from the fence and put it in place. All three chicks were very interested in their new ceiling. I couldn't believe how curious they were, and how aware they are of what happens around them. If only I could have taken a picture of them all looking up at the wire. They checked it out from every corner of the brooder. It's too high for them to reach, but they seemed satisfied to just point their little beaks toward the heavens and take a good look. Then they began experimentally pecking the new, wooden walls. That held their attention only briefly before they thought to make sure their food and water was in place. I had left them a surprise of tiny shreds of lettuce. They appeared delighted and gobbled it up before settling in for a nap, apparently exhausted from the ordeal but satisfied that all was well.
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