Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Chick Report

All the chickens are growing fast. This picture doesn't really show how big the girls in the background are since the little ones are in the front. Their personalities are all different, and I'm beginning to identify individual characteristics in the newest ones now. I just have to remember which characteristics go consistently with which birds and I will be able to sort out the names. Right now I assign their names rather randomly. I certainly don't want to give them an identity crisis. Lily, Lupine, and Lilac are still distinguishable, even though Lilac is now just as big as the others and can't be identified by her size anymore. Raising them is fascinating, and I can see why people enjoy breeding animals. Somehow they are able to give the babies up, though. If I got caught up in raising baby chicks, it wouldn't be long before I'd need all the property on Water Street to accommodate them.
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