Monday, June 16, 2008

Dog Island

This is where I walk the dogs every day. The water is behind me as I take this picture. Every June I know to expect the Lupine to bloom ferociously and turn the fields purple. It's almost impossible to remember when this same area was covered with snow and the temperatures were in the single digits, yet is was less than three months ago. Now it's as if it has always been summer, warm and green and full of flowers. I would hate to live where the seasons are pretty much the same. There are subtle changes elsewhere, but there is no mistake about what time of year it is here. There is no doubt that the earth is twirling around, no doubt that we are moving in circles, fast and faster.

My favorite teacher at art school used to say how amazing it is to circle aroound, end up in the same place, and still find ourselves different.

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