Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Precocious Chicks

Meet Pansy, Poppy, and Petunia. I had a quick lesson about how different chickens can be. These three are much more active than the others were when I first got them. Even now, the older girls just watched in amazement as the little ones flew out of the box as soon as I put them in it. They have separate accommodations, in the same box the others used up until a few days ago. They were not to be confined, though, and I had to put chicken wire over the top immediately. Even as I tacked the wire to the top of the box they were scrambling to get out of any hole they could find. I had a very hard time catching the tiny things and loud peeping was heard throughout the house as I chased them down. The excitement stirred up the dogs, who barked constantly from the first floor. So, welcome to Eastport, little girls.

They are very cute, I must say.
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