Friday, June 27, 2008

Wednesday's Painting

I intended to do this scene of the Lupine at Dog Island in pastel, but since I was going to Sydney's I decided to do watercolor. It's so much more portable. This is another little 8x10. At some point I need to start working bigger again. My work in the gallery looks pretty insignificant beside all those big oils. I think I am a little afraid, since my technique in watercolor is quite different from what it was in the past. The other factor is framing. It is so expensive and time-consuming to get a mat, glass, and frame, whereas oils can be hung just as they are.

Yesterday I put the sawdust down in the chicken house to ready it for Lilac, Lupine, and Lily. Today they endeared themselves to me further by eating lettuce from my hand. They are no longer afraid of me, whereas Petunia, Poppy, and Pansy still fear for their lives when I approach. Today one of them (I still can't tell them apart) escaped as I was changing their water. When I caught her she peeped and thrashed in panic. I feel sorry to scare them that way, but because of my experience with the others I know they will get over it.
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