Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Waterline Work

For the last several weeks the water lines have been being replaced all over town. This is what I see from my front door everyday........this or some other monstrous machine. It is amazing to watch them dig up the streets, replace the pipes, and fill in the hole again. These holes are tall enough so that men can stand in them without being seen from the roadside. They are as neat and rectangular as a grave. Mountains of earth are piled up as they dig out the earth, and when day is done, they put the dirt back. It's a little creepy to drive over the newly filled hole. It seems as if the road should be less solid somehow. The work goes on from seven in the morning until seven or eight at night. The sound of roaring engines and beeping trucks in reverse is particularly grating early in the morning, but everything has to be done before the big 4th of July celebration. We all take it good-naturedly.

Everybody talks about the difficulty of getting around the streets. Every day there are new "Road Closed" signs sprouting up. You never know where they will be. The town is full of cars in reverse or making U-turns. There are never any instructions for alternative routes, no detour arrows. You have to find your own way. People are always joking that "you can't get there from here."

Every day I think to be happy that I am here.
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