Monday, June 30, 2008

Tree painting

The gallery is having a theme show about trees next week. I remembered having painted this scene at Gleason's Cove a few years ago. I did it in acrylic then, and this one is watercolor. I finally got a little bigger--16x20. I soaked some watercolor paper and stapled it to some stretcher strips left from the old paintings I rolled up the other day. It had to dry overnight because of the humidity, but it was really fun to paint on. For the most part I managed to keep it clean and simple.

I'm going to have to hang it in the show just as it is because I have no glass to put over it, much less a frame. It's a rather unconventional way to do watercolor anyway, so why not

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Darlene said...

Beautiful painting! I love trees. Next year in the winter, when the trees are barren of leaves, I'm going to photograph lots of trees. They will be naked then, and so their shape will be more easily noticed.