Friday, August 19, 2011

[Image] I have taken the trouble this year to keep my feeders full and the birds have rewarded me by regularly visiting at the dining room window. I love to watch them while I have my coffee in the morning and they never fail to amuse. I wonder what it is about birds that people like so much, and why some birds are favored over others? I like any bird, but there are lots of people who may love one species and hate another. I suppose it makes as much sense as liking white people better than black, or Asians better than Hispanics, etc. Small variations in appearance and habits supersede the fact of being part of the same species.[Image]

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Three Cousins

This is my cousin Beth and I with the cousin she found on the internet when searching our family history. He and his wife came here on their way to Canada from Virginia in order to meet us. His resemblance to other male relatives is absolutely astounding. For awhile when I first met him I was so distracted by this that I could hardly concentrate on what he was saying. It was fun to meet them.

I am always amazed when I look at pictures of myself to see how short I am.
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Monday, August 08, 2011

Boat Ride

My cousin Beth and her husband John have been visiting for the last several days. Beth and I took the ferry to Lubec and this picture shows Eastport as we pulled away from the breakwater. Although it was only overcast when we left, it started to rain when we got to Lubec and continued to get worse as the afternoon went on. The trip back was in a downpour. We huddled in the one small sheltered area of the boat and enjoyed the trip anyway. Beth will send me more pictures to post after she gets home and I will have better documentation of the visit, which was really fun.
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