Saturday, August 14, 2021

 This is the view I have as I'm having my breakfast. ( or any meal that I eat at the table, which is rare).  I have only to look at it and I feel lucky to be in such a place.  That is the Atlantic Ocean, the Bay of Fundy, which looks far away in the photo but is actually just down the hill.  I can walk there in three or four minutes.  The land in the background is Canada.  At the bottom of the street is a rocky cliff, impossible  to climb unless you sneak into the yard of the people (summer people) who  own  the last house on the street and have a long, steep set of stairs decorated with  "No Trespassing " signs.  Those people are rarely there, but the signs indicate that the place is booby trapped with alarms.  I imagine that the local police wouldn't bother to investigate if they were triggered, but I don't dare take the chance.  If it weren't for using a walker as I do I could climb down the cliff about twenty feet away.  I used to do it and hopefully will again.  The pebbly beach is  fairly narrow at high tide, but very wide when the tide is out  Eastport has some of the highest tides in the world.  The downtown has a huge wharf where cargo ships used to come in,   Old msotly abandoned factories line the waterfront just behind the downtown.  Lobster, Cod, and other sea creatures were the lifeblood of the town.  Even after I moved here there used to be cargo ships coming in, dwarfing the three and four story buildings along the waterfront.  Now the downtown is pretty shabby, trying to be a tourist attraction with boat excursions and various other tourist stuff, but Eastport is too far away from the mainland to attract most tourists, especially since there are no attractions either here of for hundreds of miles around.  If you aren't on your way to Canada, you don't come near Eastport........and even if you do  you would have to make an unrewarding seven mile detour through the reservation and beyond.

Well I didn't mean to go on about the town, but I do love it here.  My mind now is full of my various health issues.......not that I am nervous about them for that reason,  The huge problem facing me is getting doctors and dentists to do the things that are required before I can have surgery to replace my hip.  For over two years I have been trying to work out the logistics and trying to find dentists and doctors who will treat poor people such as I am.  Finally there seems to be some progress with a couple of things......

Well, that issue is tedious and since I began this post I have been to lunch with two friends, visited Diana in preparation for tomorrow's trip to the Dentist in Bangor, and given Elliot his supper.  One more step toward my fitness for surgery is to pull three teeth, which will happen Monday.