Thursday, June 04, 2020

Chicken Woes

So, I have had my chickens in the shed off my kitchen all winter.  Since I have to use a walker now, the idea of fighting my way through snow to feed and water them was daunting.  Having them right on the other side of the kitchen door was very handy, but it was only a temporary measure.  I knew they would have to relocate as soon as the weather warmed up.  Now that it's June, and the snow has finally disappeared, I had to face reality.  I am already bored with the story of how I rebuilt the pen, complete with a roof of garden netting, so I will be brief.  I had help from an acquaintance who does gardening for summer people around town..........I could never have done it alone.  Right away I was short-tempered and unappreciative.  It's a wonder she didn't walk away in a huff. I am quite unpleasant when working with others.  Most of the time I left her alone, which I'm sure she appreciated.

When the pen was done we carried the girls one by one out to the back of the house.  In no time they figured out how to escape, so for several days I spent a lot of time limping after them at a snail's pace, not knowing how I would convince them to come home even if I caught up with them, which I did not.  It has been some time (I lost track of how much time) that chaos best describes my nightly routine.  One of the chickens has disappeared completely, having been some predator's dinner, I'm sure.  She was especially good at getting out, and I couldn't find a way to confine her.

Finally I seem to have the escape routes blocked, or so I think.  I have to ask myself why I have these birds, especially now that I can barely walk, even with a walker.  I have fallen flat on my face several times. I only know that I really love having them (and I don't even like eggs).  I love the purity of them, their unquestioning lives, their honesty.  They are just who they are.

I got a call from my surgeon's office that he is gong to resume some elective surgery and I will finally be able to get my hip replacement in the foreseeable future.  Although I worry a little about the covid virus, I am mostly happy that I may finally be able to walk again.  It's been almost a year since I was first scheduled to have it done.