Saturday, June 30, 2018

My Wonderful Town

Image may contain: Jim Riccio and Cheri Walton, people smiling, stripes and closeup

How lucky to have been driving home last night from working on a project and catching this gorgeous sunset.  Jim (my new neighbor down the street who has become a great friend) and I were driving through downtown  just in time to catch it.  We went out to the end of the breakwater, parked, and spent a good hour taking pictures.  The scene changed constantly and it was impossible to catch all of the different mutations of color, clouds, and fog.  Actually Jim took all the pictures since my camera was home on its charger, while I simply absorbed the spectacle.  There had been a thunderstorm about an hour earlier, which I'm sure was the beginning of the weather system that caused the chaos.  The last picture was taken just before we left, as things settled down for the night.  At some point in the near future I intend to bring this blog up to date, though I have to say nothing significant has happened since I last wrote regularly.  I am getting older, of course, but basically not much has changed in my world.    I am 73 years old now, which is impossible to believe.  Yet I know that I first became aware of politics when Eisenhower became president.  I remember seeing graffiti on the board fence across the street from our apartment in Portsmouth that warned "Don't go back to the breadline.  Vote for Adlai E. Stevenson."  I remember the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. I remember the race riots, the National Guard hosing down blacks on Florida beaches, the Viet Nam War. I remember clearly the assassination of John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King.  I remember the first satellite to orbit the earth, the first walk on the moon, the Challenger blowing up.  After that, the events seem less traumatic.  With time, one realizes that one's own life goes on no matter what......and then it ends no matter what.  I used to feel comforted by the fact that young people, with their energy and new ideas, would always come along and try to fix things that are wrong.  I wonder now if the world is  too big and complicated, that they have been forced to retreat into themselves.  I also know there is nothing I can do about anything.

So I scale down what impacts my little life in order to find great pleasure in what is around me.  Last night's sunset is an example of that.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I'm still here........

So, it's been awhile and I won't make any excuses or apologies.  It's Spring and I am feeling my usual rush of happiness and appreciation at being here.  I couldn't help but take this photo, though........the view from my seat at the dining room window.  The return of the snow birds is a significant change in the personality of Eastport.  My neighbors Steve  and Deb arrived yesterday, wearing T-shirts and shorts, bringing with them a veritable stable of vehicles.  Their "camper" is almost as big as my house and has every amenity imaginable.  I was privy to a tour, and couldn't help but ooh and ahhh over the luxury of it.  It has been a vague dream of mine to own one of these things and travel all over the country (and beyond) in it. They had the boat delivered prior to their arrival.  Their two cars somehow appeared shortly after their arrival.They have a plane, as well, which waits at the little airport here.

When the kids were young, we went on a camping trip around the country, but our vehicle was a small Honda and we used one of those bubble tops on the roof to carry our belongings.  Phil did the driving and I sat in the passenger seat with my AAA travel guide in my lap. I have chronicled the trip elsewhere, but I can sum it up as probably the best time of my life. (Well, maybe not........I have so many best times of my life....)

Anyway, the summer people are arriving in droves.  I watch local maintenance people coming and going in all the summer places around me, turning things on, sprucing things up.  I am in the middle of it all, like a stationary sun around which planets revolve.  I used to enjoy the celebration of summer and its endless hoopla, then I hated it, now I observe it without much judgment.  It is just the way things are.

My new neighbor, Jim, has opened an art gallery down the street.