Wednesday, January 15, 2014

False Spring

 After such terrible weather we are experiencing a pseudo-spring.  The chickens got to go outside for the first time in more than a week.  Adding to the ambiance are the spring bulbs Don sent me for Christmas.  This is the first installment, the second is beside it, and the third will be along later.  This stretches out the time that something is blooming inside, waiting for good weather.  These pictures were taken last week, and there are even more blossoms now.

To ad to the gloominess of the past week or so, my computer monitor stopped working and I was unable to use the computer.  I never realized how much I use it until it was gone.  Yesterday the new one I ordered arrived and I feel like life is now back to normal.  Even though I had my little tablet, I am not yet well-enough versed in its intricacies to use it effectively.

Now that the sun is out and the temperature in the 30's, I feel grounded in the physical world again.  Even the day lilies beside the front door have poked up out of the ground as if to investigate the possibility of coming out of hibernation.  During those frigid dark days is like being buried in a tunnel with no way out. 
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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Beth's House

 My cousin Beth lives in the mid section of the state and sent pictures of the snow around her house.  They lost electricity for several days during the recent ice storm.  Last night David, Thom, and I went to dinner at a restaurant that took us off the island.  On the way there were so many trees are bent over with the weight of the ice that the whole landscape is changed.  We all remarked that it seemed like a place we had never been before.

It was beautiful if you didn't think about the damage to the trees.
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More Snow

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Saturday, January 04, 2014


 Cropping of the former entry's's how I would look without wrinkles...
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How cold is it?

 It is COLD.  This picture is my indoor attire......not too different from my outside attire except it keeps me warm in the house.  I took off my gloves to take the picture, but they are also part of my wardrobe.  The good news is that Eastport has not lost electricity during this recent snow and ice storm.  Many people around the state have been without power since before Christmas. 

I noticed when I looked at the front page of the newspaper that it is January 4th, which is my birthday.  I am still hanging on to my sixties, but just barely.  Who would have thought that I would get old?  Certainly not I.......I am now old enough to realize that when things go wrong with my body, they will likely just get worse, when my face looks wrinkled, it will just get more wrinkled, when it is hard to climb the stairs or get up off the floor, it will only get harder.  It's quite a leap from the optimism we live with most of our lives.....the comfort in knowing that most everything is temporary and will get better sooner or later. It is liberating to know that I will never be any better than I am right now.  The frustration of goals not reached, accomplishments not realized, is now by necessity irrelevant.  I can live in the present without pressure from within or without to focus on the future.
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