Monday, March 27, 2017

Try, try again

Well, I've tried every blog site I can find, and despite everything, this is still the best and easiest for me.  Somehow I managed to get this picture posted without any problem, so I'll try again. Copying my journal has proved to be too tedious.  Therefore, I'll pick up from the present.

This is a painting I'm working on of my friend Kendall's son-in-law and new baby.  The photo was so mysteriously appealing to me that I asked for a copy.  I looked forward to painting from it and have worked pretty steadily for three days.  Unfortunately, I'm too caught up in getting a likeness.......I've labored over the two faces until the context was lost.  I'll try to rectify that.

Meanwhile, I have been packing in anticipation of my move to Bangor.  I still don't know if I have been accepted by the housing authority that holds my fate in its judgmental hands.  Nevertheless, I assume the best and move ahead with optimism.  If it turns out that I have to stay here in Eastport, it won't be the end of world.  I've loved it here.  Still, there is the pull of going back to my roots, so to speak.  I feel a little like the elephant on a trek to the burial ground, but that makes some sense.  My history and the history of my family is there.  I grew up, married, and brought up my kids there.  My life in Eastport has been an extended vacation.