Friday, January 27, 2012

One "Last" Name and Winter Birds

Once again I have renamed my new puppy and I think this is the last time. I settled on William....I thought an English name would be appropriate because of his heritage. I kept trying different ones, looking at him at the same time. That was the problem with the others...they were good names but somehow didn't fit him. Finally I felt connected to him when I called him William or Willie. Another clue was that I didn't constantly forget what I had named him....a good sign. Since then I have used that name and it still fits. I wanted to take a photo of him with his new name....the beginning of our relationship with him as himself.

There is a blizzard today and my bird feeders were empty, so I threw open the window and hauled them inside. The birds were waiting impatiently on the roof next door. A couple of them flew up to the open window so close I worried they would come right through it. I know that I take pictures every year of birds at the feeders that look remarkably the same, but I can't resist. The ice in this picture is on the window, not the feeders, and the snow is invisible, but at least the camera didn't focus on the screen. I got my "good" camera out and was surprised that I remembered how to use it. Apparently the information I studied when I first got the camera sunk in while I wasn't looking. My usual camera couldn't get the birds.

Slowly I am getting used to the idea that Lytton is gone in that I don't think about him every minute. Therefore I don't cry like I did, though tears still well up when I do think of him. Despite Patrick, despite Willie, he will always be my best boy.
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