Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What I saw on the way to Dinner


Last night on the way to have dinner with Pierre and Kendall I saw several deer eating by the side of Cemetery Road.  Some of them ran off as I approached, but many did not.  This one seemed pretty unconcerned as I grabbed my camera and crept closer.  She kept munching on whatever she was eating, keeping a watchful eye out.

I love seeing the deer, but my enjoyment is tempered by the knowledge of their difficult little lives, the suffering they have to endure.  Their lives are in danger so much of the time.  Even here, where hunting them with guns is prohibited, bow and arrow hunting is allowed.  Many are hit by cars, which to my mind does not need to happen.  And if they survive those threats, their lives must be hell in the cold winter, with many starving or freezing to death.

This is the way of life on planet earth.  I can't bear to think of it.
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