Thursday, December 03, 2020

Good-bye, Sarah

 I hardly know what to say about Sarah,adog I've loved even though I never met her..  Only today did I find out about her dying ,  even though it happened  a little while while ago.  How did I miss it?  I am just recovering from a prolonged  cry, partly of regret that I wasn't able to respond to the post by my blogger friend sooner and partly because I will miss Sarah myself.   It is certainly a mixed blessing to love an animal so much, since their little lives are so short compared with ours.  Not too long ago I read an article in some magazine....I can't remember which one......written by a man who had just lost his collie dog.  He described the event, telling us readers first of the joy of puppyhood, the years of companionship and love, then old age and loss.  His final sentence was "Getting a puppy is the first step to devastation."  How well I understand.  But we do it over and over again, knowing the devastation their loss will cause us.

Well, my dear Blogger friend, I am so sorry.  I hope I will soon be reading some happy post revolving around a new, wonderful puppy.  I so recently lost Patrick, but I thank him for giving me his long happy life, them leaving me to love  Elliot.  I see him as Patrick's farewell gift to me .

Now, if I can pull myself together, I will turn my thoughts to Christmas Cactus.  They are very easy to propagate.  Just cut of a few branches and stick them in a glass of tap water.  Before you know it little white threads will appear at the cut edge(and sometime on the side of the cuttings.  Once these little hairs are half an inch  long, or more (sometimes I have left them in water for weeks--sometimes just days).  They will live in water for a long time.  I've forgotten about them sometimes until the roots fill up the glass I put them in before I  think to put them in soil.   These guys live forever, which is why I have so many of them.  I still have the original from the seventies. One of my neighbors has one that fills her whole picture window.

Well, I will go and console myself with my puppy.   My heart goes out to you.

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P. J. Grath said...

Oh, Cheri! I am always happy to see a new post from you and go to it eagerly, but I had absolutely no idea that I would find my Sarah today on your blog! I'm afraid I'll have to re-read the Christmas cactus propagation advice, as my eyes were filled with tears by the time I got that far. But yes, we are looking for Sarah's successor. I don't say "replacement," of course, because no dog could ever take her place, but I do need a dog. The Artist said, "I could probably live without a dog, but I can't live without you having a dog." And yes, whether it is days or months in the future, I will surely let you know. Thank you, Cheri, for your words of understanding. Give my love to Elliot, too, please.